2016 Season Concludes with Program Banquet


The 2016 season officially ended on Sunday as players, families, and coaches celebrated the season at the Roseville Girls Soccer Program Banquet. This year the banquet will be held at Keller Golf Course.



“It is with mixed emotion that I say that another high school soccer season is in the books. On one hand the season went really, really fast but on the other hand, it ended at the right time.

As a coach, improvement is very fun to see and improvement at every level was very noticeable this season. Something like 40% of the season is done before the school year even starts. It would be nice to see what a few more weeks could have done to that improvement. Also, a high school season often feels really, really short because we have only a few weeks to take a group of 18ish, with different strengths, clubs, playing backgrounds, and personalities and put them together under one common system and get them to be as competitive as possible.

On the other hand, the weather is starting to get cold, the ground is hard, players and coaches are getting grumpy, it gets dark earlier, classes are in full swing, and homework is starting to pile up.

So, we just finished the 2nd season with this coaching staff. In most aspects, we have a program on the rise. The players and coaches have worked hard to improve and make our program the best it can be. We have made some additions like summer training sessions and technical training for each player and team during the season by adding a technical trainer. We have also tried some new things like Program Wednesday, adding a full-time keeper trainer, and funding ourselves with a pretty good program fundraising activity.

Now as I said earlier, the high school soccer season is short. Very short. 8 weeks short. If we want to build our program into something better than we had this year we have to do our work BEFORE the seasons starts. We have to play club soccer at the highest level we can, get a soccer ball to work on touches year round, watch soccer on TV, go to a skills camp or clinic, participate in our summer trainings sessions, go to the gym or the RAHS weight room to learn how to lift weights, do strength and agility training, cross train, come to tryouts with a higher level of fitness..

In other words, this is when the real work has to start.

Thanks for a great season and we all look forward to the next.”

Coach Cave (10-23-16)