2018 Fall Season Newsletter

2018 HS Newsletter

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“You don’t always get out what you put in but you never get out more than you put in.”

 MANDATORY PROGRAM MEETING            Our mandatory program meeting will be held on Thursday, August 9 in the RAHS Media Center from 7-8:30 pm. This meeting is required for all players interested in playing soccer during the upcoming season. At this meeting training uniforms may be purchased, program guidelines and philosophy will be discussed, and questions will be answered about fundraising, Booster Club, spirit wear, and tryouts.

MANDATORY TRY-OUTS FOR PLAYERS 9-12        ALL players are expected to attend ALL try-outs starting on Monday, August 13. Please have all paperwork complete (school and program), water bottle filled, and equipment [including training uniform] on prior to start of the session. All dates and times are posted on the program calendar.

TO PARTICIPATE IN TRY-OUTS                   All players must register for soccer on the Roseville Area High School Athletic Department website. Contact the activities office (rahsactivities@isd623.org] for more information. No player will be allowed to participate in soccer until school registration is done!

All players must also complete the electronic Roseville Girls Soccer Player Information Form online. The link for this form will be posted on the girls soccer program website shortly after July 4th. This form includes pertinent player and family contact information.

8th GRADE TRYOUT PARTICIPATION                            Rising 8th graders interested in trying out for the varsity or JV teams will need to fill out the 8th grade tryout form and MUST attend the Program Mini Camp in July. This electronic form can be found on the program website and must be completed by the first day of varsity tryouts.

PROGRAM TRAINING UNIFORMS               All high school soccer players will be REQUIRED to purchase and wear a program training uniform for all tryouts, training sessions, and scrimmages. Training uniforms can be purchased at the program training camp or the mandatory program meeting. Program shirts are $10 and program shorts are $20.

PROGRAM FUNDRAISING              All program players will be selling our own local business discount cards to provide funding for our program. C-Squad players are required to sell 10 cards, while JV and Varsity players are required to sell 15 cards). Cards will be handed out and the process will be discussed at the program meeting.

PROGRAM CUTS & ROSTERS        Team designation & program cuts are always an emotional time for program participants. The RGS program designates teams by talent and not by age, grade or past designation. Our hope is to roster 18-20 players per team. To ensure we continue to develop competitive teams throughout our program, the Roseville Girls Soccer team will field 3 teams; Varsity, JV, and a C-Squad. Although our hope is have a spot for every girl who attends tryouts, it is likely that we will have program cuts that could come from all grades. This means not all seniors will make the varsity team and players could end up on a team below where they played last season.

VARSITY & JV DULUTH OVERNIGHT & SCRIMMAGES:        The Varsity and JV teams will travel to Duluth to participate in the Duluth East Jamboree on Saturday, August 18. The teams will leave on Friday, August 17 and stay overnight in Duluth. The cost is $60 per player [The program will cover the remaining cost]. This fee covers the cost of the bus, hotel, scrimmage fee, and breakfast on Saturday]. Specific details will be available after teams are made. This trip is required so please mark calendar now.

BE FIT   To minimize injuries and stress on your body, please arrive to tryouts in shape. Also, rest and treat summer injuries well in advance of tryouts. We would rather use our training time to train and not develop fitness.

PROGRAM MINI CAMP   This summer Coach Cave and his staff will host a program mini-camp from Monday, July 23 to Thursday, July 26 from 8:30 – 11 am on the RAHS stadium field. Both technical and tactical skills will be worked on as well as a preview of training activities and systems to be used in the 2018 season. The cost of the mini-camp is $80 and registration and payment will be done through Roseville Parks and Rec [Check RGS website for link]. Participants are required to have training uniform so show up early to purchase. $10 shirts, $20 shorts.

YOGA MATS         This year, as part of our weekly training, each team will be doing yoga once a week starting during tryout week. Each player may want to purchase a yoga mat. Although not required, a personal mat may be worth the minimal cost. Make sure you label your mat.

AUGUST PRESEASON TRAININGS               Dates and times for Senior led August Preseason Trainings will be announced in July via website and program calendar. These trainings will take place at RAHS, and are optional.

INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA       For program schedules, rosters, results, and announcements visit our program webpage at http://www.rosevillegirlssoccer.wordpress.com. The RAHS Girls Soccer program also uses Facebook (RosevilleGirlsSoccer) for photos, results, and announcements for all our teams. Real time Varsity match updates can be found on Twitter (@RAHSGIRLSSOCCER) and cool program photos can be found on Instagram (@RAHSGIRLSSOCCER). Like and Follow us!

PROGRAM QUESTIONS  If you have any program (program paperwork, try-outs, the parent meeting, etc.) contact James Cave (rosevilleareagirlssoccer@gmail.com).