2020 Fundraising

Roseville Area Girls Soccer | 2020 Fundraising Details

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Talking Points
• Only $20
• Over $500 in discounts
• 100% of money goes to the girls soccer program
• All money raised will directly benefit the girls in the program
• Specifically soccer equipment, coaching, and other soccer related expenses that are not covered by the RAHS athletic department.

Roseville Girls Soccer Local Business Discount Card

The Roseville Area High School Girls Soccer fundraising provides financial support to bridge the gap between the needs of the girls soccer program and school funding. Money raised will go towards basic soccer equipment like balls, cones, updated uniforms, and additional coaching support.

Roseville Girls Soccer is creating and selling fundraising discount cards coupons featuring local businesses. Increase your local exposure with a discount coupon on our card. Because we are producing our own card, our fundraising potential is great!


  • Fundraising to cover cost of basic equipment and coaching


  • Increased exposure/advertising for your business
  • Business name in the valued right side column linked directly to your business website or email address
  • Your business acknowledged and thanked on the girls soccer banner at RAHS stadium
  • Program photo of thanks from the Roseville Girls Soccer program